Yo there, name's Sarah but you can call me Xi. I make graphics and over-obsess over things.
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When we are older, you'll understand.
Are you going to try dating any of the girls in particular?

Still going for Chie first since Naoto’s so far away, trying for all but there’s my choices~

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the station tower has a sweet view of the Perseids tonight but who keeps letting these kids up here

happy starlight seasalt trio day!

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While everyone accepts the tragedy, though we may be sad, we still have to go living.

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look after your sister…

Still upset as hell over my p4 save file corrupting but I’m motivating myself through everything again and being careful this time.

Also I reversed my club choices to make things not repetitive, was almost done with B-ball and Music anyway I can look the rest up.

I won’t let this discourage me this game’s getting finished.


I feel ya Ragna.